Saturday, July 10, 2010

strange days

i remember sitting and reading this issue on our "corner" in north litchfield after my friend robbie stole it from his dentist's office. it had an ill interview with stranger where he talked about drugs, homelessness, bombing hills and the generally odd state of the world at the time. there was also some life advice from uncle burly, some delicious "scarfing material" recipes and a great letter written by a young man from the mid west who was losing his shit on acid while his friend was getting a blowjob in the next room. maybe it's because i was young or maybe i'm too jaded now but thrasher seemed much more dangerous back then. i just got the newest issue and i gotta say eli reed's cover shot in the c-bowl is the highlight for sure. oh and the interview with brujeria that my friend xander did is killer. but between boring tour articles about places i'll never be able to afford to go to and over glossy corporate ads for brands i no longer identify with, it's all just filler. is this just a symptom of getting older or has the thin veiled facade of the once exotic skate industry finally been lifted only to expose it for what it is, self indulgent shit. im not sayin' i could do any better nor do i know the first thing about publishing but c'mon phelps. gimme danger.

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