Monday, November 3, 2008

pembroken bones

finally went the infamous pembroke pool. pretty sikk even though it was all fukked up and filled with crap.

this is seriuosly gnar-gnar. mark kills. no one else got shit except for joe who got a broken ankle.
after we fukked around here for a bit we went to the concord park to get a sesh in before the rain hit. park sukks and i ate shit pretty bad there but it was fun. one thing that i noticed was that there was a heavy police presence the entire time we were there which was only like 20 minutes. i saw 3 cruisers drive by real slow and stare then when we were leaving one cop actually pulled up about 10 feet away from us and just parked and sat there. are skaters still that discriminated against? do we still have the stigma of trouble makers even though we've been forced into these reservation type areas that are presumed safe and run by a set of rules decided on by the police themselves? what the fukk? i dont go to where they hang out on their days off and just park my car and lurk. maybe i should do that.

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