Monday, October 20, 2008

chrome ball incident kills it AGAIN!!!!!

dude!! bakk in the day i saw this ad and was like "what the fukk?" this was honestly like the new ish for the mid nineties. crewnekk sweatshirts and new eras were the steez and i remember thinking these dudes pants were seriously tight. how craze is that with whats in now? stones even got a benneton sweatshirt. pimp.
then this:

fukk america.
fix the metal

Thursday, October 16, 2008

too loud for the crowd

watch this:
no fukkin rules.

Monday, October 13, 2008

the 90's

theres a lot of bloggin goin on right now with regards to skating in the 90's. since this era was my heyday which i will always look bakk upon fondly im fukkin totally into it. im just glad these dudes decided to save their mags. that fukkin julien anti-hero just kills me. those dudes were so on point with the design/anti-design steez.
here's some sites i chekk religiously:
hit em' up

Saturday, October 11, 2008

don't forget to vote!!

fix the metal for stigma in 08'.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


foliage. shits boomin around here but this is the best i could get.

Untitled from fix the metal on Vimeo.
the magic hour indeed. this is chaz' first appearance on FTM. bro's fer life. good lukk in afghanistan dude.

Untitled from fix the metal on Vimeo.

Untitled from fix the metal on Vimeo.
half drunk old tard.

Untitled from fix the metal on Vimeo.
edgar fitzgerald kiiling front-wise. shawn BLOWING it.

Untitled from fix the metal on Vimeo.
bird. bakkside blog spin.
another epic sesh in the londondirty. fix the metal.

Monday, October 6, 2008

lissy trulie - how fukkin rad is this chikk?

can't wait fer this album to drop

road tripping

so i went on a three day skate trip extravaganza this weekend and had a great time. heres some things i learned:
-pennsylvania is nice
-u cant get beer at convienience stores there but they do have drive thru beer garages.
-conneticut still BLOWS.
-joe is an old man who wears rice sokks around his nekk.
-ralph murphy screams in his sleep and is a chronic shitter.
-fukk a GPS.
-shawn is an idiot.
-peanut butter brownies are good.
-bob rules. the holland tunnel does not.
-when everyone is skating/drunk as fukk and we all have cameras, no one uses them. at all.
-not showering for three days may look good on paper but sukks in practice.
-weed makes u tired. who knew?
-new york is rad.
-FDR is the gnarliest palce ive ever skated. ever.

super cereal. this place is fukkin nuts. i especially liked how the concrete hammering locals decided to let us know the session was over by smashing bottles all over the surface of the entire park. well played fellas. well played.
thanx again to casey and his girl for all the hospitality. you rule.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

vhs nostalgia - sonic skateboards "one louder"

simon woodstok's section is the only one on youtube from this video but its probably the best. maybe nanda zipp or mike crabtree had better parts. i dunno.
i definitely remember watching this at ryan travis' house along with all the other stunning videos he had in his collection from this time period. i also have this wierd memory of when we were watching the intro part one time and at the part where his brother goes "..and i threw my whole life away on drugs and alchohol" proctor said, "ya jones probably thinks thats cool" in kind of a mean jerk-y tone. while this comment was a bit harsh, it was not entirely unfounded. it was around this time that i had just discovered the joys of partying and i was conciuosly trying to be as much of a burnout as i could. smoking weed, talking about weed, drawing pictures that were weed related, building stupid bongs, etc. proctor was also in kind of in a wierd place then too if i remember correctly. we were all really into skating but jeff was a little hard on himself sometimes and would throw little fits and yell and toss his board around and stuff. generally being kinda jokk-esque. sometimes he would just skate off in mid session and we would have to wait around for a bit until he came bakk calmer and wiser. anyways, at first i remember being like, "whatever dude, fukk off and go play soccer". but to be honest with u, i did think it was kinda cool. not like, "wow i wanna be like that! he's cool!" but in more of a self destructive pseudo romantic punk rokk nhilist idiot kinda way. wierd i know but i was a wierd kid.
i dont mean this as a shot at proctor in any way. i mean shit, i am the fukkin king of the asshole comments so fukk it. seeing this video just reminded me of all this and i thought i would share it. jeff's much better now anyways. me, not so much.
fix the metal