Wednesday, October 1, 2008

vhs nostalgia - sonic skateboards "one louder"

simon woodstok's section is the only one on youtube from this video but its probably the best. maybe nanda zipp or mike crabtree had better parts. i dunno.
i definitely remember watching this at ryan travis' house along with all the other stunning videos he had in his collection from this time period. i also have this wierd memory of when we were watching the intro part one time and at the part where his brother goes "..and i threw my whole life away on drugs and alchohol" proctor said, "ya jones probably thinks thats cool" in kind of a mean jerk-y tone. while this comment was a bit harsh, it was not entirely unfounded. it was around this time that i had just discovered the joys of partying and i was conciuosly trying to be as much of a burnout as i could. smoking weed, talking about weed, drawing pictures that were weed related, building stupid bongs, etc. proctor was also in kind of in a wierd place then too if i remember correctly. we were all really into skating but jeff was a little hard on himself sometimes and would throw little fits and yell and toss his board around and stuff. generally being kinda jokk-esque. sometimes he would just skate off in mid session and we would have to wait around for a bit until he came bakk calmer and wiser. anyways, at first i remember being like, "whatever dude, fukk off and go play soccer". but to be honest with u, i did think it was kinda cool. not like, "wow i wanna be like that! he's cool!" but in more of a self destructive pseudo romantic punk rokk nhilist idiot kinda way. wierd i know but i was a wierd kid.
i dont mean this as a shot at proctor in any way. i mean shit, i am the fukkin king of the asshole comments so fukk it. seeing this video just reminded me of all this and i thought i would share it. jeff's much better now anyways. me, not so much.
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