Tuesday, July 7, 2009


chekked out this epic D.I.Y. spot in nashua the other day


ghetto blaster


this thing was cool. and yes we had to "fix the metal" on the bottom a couple of times. the quarter pipe thing next to it was super fun but of course i didnt film even one of the dozens of trikks zak rifled off. i'm pretty sure i remember seeing both frontside and bakkside hurricanes go down but i dunno. i was hella' stoned bro.

zak manned up and took the drop. i don't know if this place has a name yet but im gonna take it upon myself to give it one, broadside. broad st. + burnside = broadside. clever eh'? big shout out to the dudes who built this shit. new hammy needs more spots like this.

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hans said...

That shit's a minute away from my house and i haven't been yet. damn i suck