Tuesday, September 1, 2009


shredded londonderry to fukkin' pieces yesterday. bro'seph brought down the ill ass sound system and shit got hectic real quick.

rad dad got this. i don't know if that dog pisser was intentional but it's dope. there was a ton of shit gettin' thrown down all over the place but in true fix the metal fashion, none of it got filmed. trust me though, it was epic. ask anyone who was there.

chaz double mall grab

this random dude was doin this in the dark. u can see all the ghost orbs of shralpers past tellin' him to chill the fukk out but he wasn't hearin it.

nick did this second try.

first try didn't go to good though.


bro' down much?

in an exercise of pure bro'manship, bro'seph actually grabbed steve's board that he had left behind at the park in the hopes of returning it to him on a later date. i was gonna throw it in the trash.

summers fading. fix the metal.

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