Thursday, October 8, 2009

all hail the juggallo's

i know there's a couple a trikks in there twice. computers are hard.


hacksaw jim chuggins said...

you should've edited that to clowny clown clown

Logan Lott said...

There's this juggalo prep cook kid here in Juneau that I openly fuckin tease for his oh so deadly Psychopathic Records gear.

Hey did you know that you're still on the Geppetto's website? I've been thinkin about that place. Goddamn, was it a fuckin weird ass place to work. I started thinkin about Frank, and then my thoughts drifted towards those baskets on the walls. Especially, the ones made to look like actual things. I remember a cat basket... And I also remember how they closed the restaurant for a day so that a shaman could come and chant and rearrange the baskets with a stepladder. Just hilarious, man.