Monday, November 30, 2009

jereme rogers says goodbye to skateboarding. sort of.

whoa. the last shit i heard of his was all whispers but this is some seriously next level douchebaggery.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, this is some fucking extreme level douchebaggery infuckingdeed. He has got it all! That stupid fucking filter that everyone uses to sound like they are a fucking pull flute...BEEEOWHOOOP! He even does that ultimate chode move with his hands every time he attempts to "hit a higher key." Comes equip with his own shatty robot dancing black man in sunglasses in the dark. He even thinks he has another black man named "Ace" to appearantly answer his fucking phone. I dont believe there was a chorus. I have to say that I strongly disapprove of this 4:28 seconds Iof my life that I will not get back. Yes only 4:28 becuase I couldnt bring myself to this level of douchebaggery.
Thanks for this.