Saturday, December 19, 2009

whoop that trick

what the fuck? so here's a little scuffle between sum security kooks and a couple a skaters in downtown portland oregon. now i'm no tuff guy, but i have been in a few scrape ups and one thing i know for a fact is that if sum fucking security guard hit me in the fucking head with my own god damn skateboard and then stood there and waited for me to react, i would beat that fucker down like ike beat tina. i also know for a fact that if any of the dudes from my crew saw one of our bro's getting smacked up, they would be in that motherfuckers face like a rabid wolverine. it would be just a hurricane of fists and blood and cries of metal fixing until the rent-a-cop was comatose lying in a pile of his own shit. it seems like with the current popularity of shred sledding this type of thing has become much more frequent. theres just more dudes out in the streets so odds are theres gonna be more confrontations. also every kid out there seems to have a camera so everythings documented. i remember really loving fucking with security guards back when i actually street skated. they're usually not the brightest in the bunch and if shit got hectic u could just skate away. i guess these kids are suing these guys but thats lame if u ask me. they should've just whooped that dudes fucking ass in the streets and left it at that. no need to get the law involved. if the security guys end of losing the case and pay a fine, then that means all security guards in the PDX area are gonna know about it and be afraid to confront skaters. they're just gonna call the cops. i don't know about u but i'd rather deal with sum idiot security guard than a no mercy post 9-11 storm trooper of a cop. they have guns and pre-mature ejaculation problems which makes them very hostile.


Anonymous said...

As I watched this for the first time I found myself asking why no one else swarmed that fucker. Those skaters were rolling with a crew as deep as we do if not more. I can assure you of this...if this were us and no FTM member jumped in, I would be forced to formally petition for the revocation of both their man card and their FTM endorcement. The petition would not be anything on paper true FTM fasion, I'm afraid our own team members would face having their last words muffled by their own asses followed by an immidiate FTM update of both the indcident and the punishment. Infact, I really think we should begin hazing new potential members.
Couldnt agree more with you on dealing with security vs police.
Great post.

hans said...

Seeing this kind of shit just makes me want to roam the streets waiting for something like this to happen just to get Charles Bronson on the security motherfucker.
To switch up the Crucifucks lyric that I know I've commented with before:
Kill a fuckin' rent a pig if he gets in your way
It will set a good example for the children today.