Saturday, January 16, 2010

fuck these guys

apparently these homos don't know whats up with the real rad dad. motherfukkers better hope we don't see you in the streets cuz then its gonna be fukkin' on! i left them an informative comment on their shitty video: "u guys are fucking lame. u aint no rad dad. rad dad lives in new hampshire and he will fuck your shit up! nice 50-50 by the way. u skate like a fuckin' mongoloid." zing!


Anonymous said...

This is fucking amazing! Thanks for helping to keep the bar nice and high for serious raddadery. Let me know how this plays out.

Anonymous said...

This is their response to your vulger display of power:

theRADDADcompany (1 day ago) Reply ha ha ha, you're a frustrated kittle kid, man just live life to the fullest with a big smile!! May God bless you!!

Gotta love that god bless you shit...the true sign of someone who knows they are a fucktard.

Again, many thanks for upholding the bar of raddad. I'll have my attorneys contacting them post haste.