Monday, May 17, 2010


i randomly stumbled on this photo of the ashland park on the krooked blog today. pretty much sums up the spring vibe in southern oregon. mad rainbows kid. although i don't really miss anything about living in the OR, i do miss this park. its not the craziest park out there but its good and was my home spot for about five years. i could just cruise out my door push twice and be there in a couple of minutes. i kind of lost touch with most of the people i skated with out there and i wonder how they're doing from time to time. i also wonder if that cunt cop terry is still trying to enforce the helmet law only to have her tickets laughed out of court by the judge. during one of my court appearances, of which there were several, he asked her to "please stop wasting his time with this frivolous garbage". that felt good.

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