Sunday, September 19, 2010

let's go shotgun beers in the parking lot

some observations from the andover park opening/contest thing yesterday:
-the park is sick. one of the best bowls i have ever skated even though i only took one run.
-that band that was playing in the parking lot? what the fuck was that?
-the rock climbing wall was unnecessary.
-was there a contest? all i saw was bachinsky and manny putting on a demo while some fashion casualty yelled through a megaphone.
-boulevard skateboards? never heard of it.
-you can't just talk to doug especially after you already said you were leaving.
-getting snaked by a razor scooter is almost as embarrassing as having your friends turn the browser on your phone on and seeing nothing but lesbian anal dildo porn.
-the salem park is the worst pile of suck i have ever skated and if i see the fucking chooches who built that shit i am seriously going to punch them in the fucking face. 30 grand? fucking assholes.
-i don't hate pelham park as much as i used to. the epic curb sesh was the highlight of the day.

thank you breaking ground for building another awesome shralp zone. now we don't have to drive to CT every weekend.

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hans said...

But you do have to pay 5 bucks and wear a helmet. Also, I did talk to Doug after I said I was leaving.