Wednesday, December 1, 2010


footy from the crypt son!! part of my contest run circa 96/98. i fell on a frontside slash cuz i slipped on some water. not makin excuses, just sayin. shit was nuts cuz i skated that fucking place every day but as soon as i heard my name called i got so nervous for some reason. i was pushing all crazy and just being weird in general. still got them backside ollies though. i fucking miss this place so much. i remember that day so well too. it was our first contest and everyone showed up. EB showed some love with the tunes and some prizes and shit went off. big thanks to the lewis' for filming this and all the support they showed us and the park in general. fix the metal.


guttersnipe said... - i think from 4:50 to 5:15 of LFSP Contest '96 pt. 2 is Bill Henshaw. Check it. He fucks up like 4 times in a row in about 5 seconds and then takes a giant slam doing a kick turn on Big Blue. hahaha classic henshaw.

ftm matt said...

ha! i've been tryin to figure out who everyone is but i totally missed that one! what a chooch. the quinn footy afterwards is priceless too. did u happen to catch matt decaesar's run? he grinds across the 4ft to flat. proctors in there too. plaid shirt early grab guy.