Friday, June 8, 2012

change you're life

i know the quality is shit and there's a cheesy jeremy wray intro but this fuckin' shit changed my white surburban life. there was a time when CCS was a hot commodity in new hampshire and i remember getting this video from those mother fuckers in like '94 and we watched it at ricky jefferson's sleep over party and we skated manch vegas the next day and i got my board jacked and fuckin' basilere and proctor wanted to watch it so bad they stole it from my house and returned it before i got home from camp and jeremy wray is the shit and the fuckin shit at the brooklyn banks got me into tagging and chaos is my second favorite word. basically i'm hammered but film everything. nothing is permanent and people forget but they'll thank you in the end. FTM RIP LFSP.

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