Sunday, December 28, 2008

vhs nostalgia - anti hero "cow video"

this is probably the best video ever made. u can watch the rest of it on the youtube im just to lazy to copy and paste all the sections on this shit. all anti hero videos are good obviously but i think this has got to be my favorite one. proctor got it first and i rememeber when he let me borrow it i watched it at least twice a day for the entire time i had it. fukktards is super gnarly but this video along with the skating had a killer soundtrakk. any andy roy footage is epic but when its set to void's "who are u and why am i here", thats just fukkin tits. i honestly feel that videos like this, along with jake phelps' passionate editorials from the time period, are what drove me to start traveling to new and interesting places in search of new shit to shred eventually leading me to skatings current mecca, oregon. me being the idiot that i am though, one hot summer day i left proctors tape in the bakk window of my car and it melted. i replaced his copy with a dubbed vhs that also contained jim's ramp jam which i believe he still has. i guess we're even.


jeff said...

i still got that dub tape.
and i got a second cow tape!!
what's up!

no cow video on the dub though
it's jims ramp jam, menekmati,
and radio head or some bullshit.

jonesone said...

oh word? my b. i remember i was REALLY into radio head then and i never liked menikmati

Jason said...

Shit is bad ass SON!