Monday, December 8, 2008

vhs nostalgia - emerica "yellow" 1997

this is pretty much the whole thing. i remember being kinda bummed when i got this from the sale basket at EB. i realized after one viewing that the reason it was 8 bukks was cuz it fukkin stunk. all these sikk dudes with a lot of wierd b list, almost throwaway footage, some i saw in other videos, crappily thrown together with an ok soundtrakk. not to mention that the whole thing reaked of yellow. i fukkin hate yellow. a lot of split sections too with ripping dudes. donny barley and cardiel share a section thats actually real sikk but everyone elses shit is super short. moldanado and tim o'connor have like 5 trikks but ron whaley of course has a full part. and theres a jamie thomas/adrien lopez split part in the end that i couldnt find that was WAY below j.t. standards. i think that this might have been one of the last sort of ghetto budget style videos of the nineties. i mean nowadays a major shoe company with all these riders would never rush out a half assed video like this. marc johnsons part is dope but i'm pretty sure he probably filmed it in a couple weeks rather than spending years traveling around the world stakking footage. also "the end" came out shortly after in 98 and that kinda raised the bar i guess as far as production goes.

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