Friday, January 9, 2009

japanther - "I10"

so i downloaded the new japanther record last nite, and by downloaded i actually mean i payed for it cuz they're one of the few bands out there i dont mind giving my money to, and its super good. they got penny rimbaud (crass) to produce it and do some spoken word shit on it thats really cool. i once read an interview with kanye west where he described chromeo as "sounding like the future" and while chromeo obviously kikks ass, i dont agree with this statement. to me, japanther really sounds like the future. their home baked pile of punk, electro, hip hop, dub and dance induced chaos is like nothing i have ever heard before and i just cant get enough of it. i just hope i can catch a live show before they move to L.A. this song is off "master of pigeons" and its one of my favorites. i couldnt find any videos from the new record but as soon as someone makes one i'll throw it up.

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