Sunday, January 11, 2009

the mentors are pro gang-rape

i know this is fukked but that bitch deserved it. the guy in the hood is el duce and hes kinda like the west coast gg allin but a little more put together i think. and he's not dead. in the BBC documentary "kurt and courtney" he claims that courtney love offered him $20,000 to kill kurt cobain. who the fukk knows if its true or not but im pretty sure el duce would say anything just to piss off a bunch of random strangers. thats a quality i really admire in an artist.


hans said...

El Duce got hit by a train in April 1997 shortly after saying on film that Courtney Love asked him to kill Kurt Cobain. Suspicious.

jonesone said...

dude i just read about that! craze. theres also all those handwriting fukk ups on the suicide note. i dunno man, that bitch might have done it!
whats up hans! u livin in nashua or some shit?