Thursday, February 11, 2010

take this job and shove it

i drew these at work today.

goat priest wants to rape you.

i heart the dark lord. FTM reign in blood.


RadDaderson said...

looks seems to be going well.

Logan Lott said...

Nice, dude! Nice.

Hey man, guess where I'm at? If you said Uganda, you'd be correct.

I've been in Kenya for the past month. Just got to Uganda five days ago. Uganda is fucking booooring. Kenya is the shit, though. Nairobi is such an awesome city.

Taken a bunch of photos of zebras, giraffes, lions eating the ass out of a buffalo, Maasai warriors. Also, a pic you would enjoy of some graffiti in Kenya. All these won't be available for a few months, though.

You on facebook? I never go on myspace anymore. This was the only way I knew how to contact you. I have some free time comin up in a few months. I was gonna check you out on the way back to Alaska from Africa since I have a stand by ticket to anywhere once I get land in New York. Hit me up on my blog. Peace.