Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i don't give a fuck

the skating is rad but this song is so fucking killer. obviously a tribute to rokky erickson and i had planned on using this in the first fix the metal video (as if thats ever gonna come out) but this fucker beat me to it. king khan shreds.

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DCgravy said...

Dazed out on a tuesday morning i stumbled upon a Volcom Video from 08' that left me with some inspirations to head down to NY come spring time. I enjoyed the flick and how it captured the New York Vibe. On this excursion I would hope to find some shows or rebel rouse around instead of siting on rooftops or in a loft apartment talking about ourselves, which seemed to be the going standard of the 08'Volcom crew.
Haterade aside the video boasts some good spots.
Volcom Vid

I'm sure we could find places to stay so z , Matt, or another of the ftm crew want in hit me up.