Wednesday, July 14, 2010

surrounded by chooches

one of the guys i work with lives in salem and mentioned to me yesterday that he saw a skatepark going up near the mall there. my curiosity was immediately peaked but after a bit of internetting all i came up with were these minutes from a town meeting:
5. Business:
• Skate Park: Chris pointed out that at the last meeting he assigned
homework of going around town to see if a spot jumped out at you that
said the skate park should go here to bring it forward. Did anyone find a
spot like that? Everybody started nodding their heads reflecting a negative
Pat summarized the donations received for construction of the skate park
and we will have access to those funds. He is getting companies to donate
all or part of paving, fencing, and signs. Merrill will fill any sink holes.
No tax payer money will be used to construct the park. He mentioned that
the police department will patrol the park every hour and he is going to
have a camera angled at the park from Wal-Mart. Pat also mentioned
extra stone from exit 2; he will see if Rick Russell might be able to get
some to help with building parts up.

really? the police are gonna patrol it every hour? if they're there that much is the wal-mart sponsored security camera even necessary? i fully embrace skateboarding's pseudo outlaw image but this shit is getting out of hand. if you were building a fucking baseball field or a pussy volleyball court would you still feel the need for that much of a police presence? if they're gonna treat me like a criminal then i'm gonna act like one. i'm goin' down there opening day and cooking up a huge batch of meth on top of the fucking hubba or whatever other shitty obstacle the choochy city workers throw together. the whole thing reeks of those faggots at NOTB anyways so who cares. fuck salem.


hans said...

Cook meth on the Hubba. Classic!

RadDaderson said...

I fully agree. What a bunch of chooches. Way to give Darin the header! Hilarious.