Tuesday, August 24, 2010

come down from your cross

so i subscribed to this polish chicks youtube channel a while back cuz she always seems to have all the latest and most frightening black metal stuff i have ever heard with custom videos to match. i dont know where she collects her imagery from but its definitely some of the more epic satanic shit i've seen. great war atrocities stuff too even if she does dabble in some strange third reich fetish crap. theres one pic in this montage that ive seen before of a bunch of dead babies tied to a tree with barbed wire. i think it was taken during one of stalin's little ethnic cleansing sprees after WWII but im not sure. what kind of fucking piece of shit could do that and not cut their own fucking eyes out after seeing what he had done? humans are fucked. fight war not wars.

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Anonymous said...

that's the gayest picture of glen danzig i've ever seen