Sunday, August 22, 2010

mystic pizza

took a killer trip to CT and RI yesterday with a totally gangster crew. westerly is my new favorite park for sure. i didnt get any footy of our out of state shralp fest but heres some pembroke and FTM friday shit. special appearance by eric fitz aka captain fitzroy.


guttersnipe said...

thanks for the sick vid of an epic session. im bummed i didnt get to shred with FTM more when i was back.. best crew ever. keep it schralpy, FTM por vida!! - Captain Fitzroy

ftm matt said...

thank u fitz for gracing us with your presence and contributing to the posi vibes with your cali cush bro'ness. u and nick are our west coast reps so keep shralpy out there! FTM por vida!